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  • XLTbend with ViN, SnapTools and Suction Cup
  • XLTbend: Bending a metal doors
  • Panels for clean rooms
  • XLTbend: Aluminum facade panels
  • XLTbend: Long and narrow parts
  • XLTbend bends facade components
  • XLTbend: Wrapper for stove
  • XLTbend: UpDown folding
  • XLTbend bends refrigeration appliances
  • XLTbend bends large radius
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XLTbend … excellent!

For those who want to form complex precision sheet metal parts like cassettes, panels, and boxes profitability even in small batches, the XLTbend is a perfect fit. The XLTbend is a incredibly flexible UpDown folding machine. The revolutionary one-click programming software, front and rear operating options as well as the hybrid gauging system are outstanding features of the XLT series.

XLTbend Highlights

  • Easy operation: Part rests on gauging system
  • Also thin and flexible blanks can be easily handled
  • Semi automatic part handling. Safe and ergonomic operation
  • Energy-sapping lifting and holding of parts is eliminated
  • A single person can even bend large and heavy components
  • Operation from folding beam side (smaller parts and profiles)
  • Operation from gauging side (large panels)
  • Automatic part programming
  • SnapTools: automatic retraction from side flanges
  • ViN (Virtual Navigator): shows the part loading position
  • Support function: Bending of smaller parts from the gauging side
  • Ideal solution for users with high demands on flexibility
  • Solution for small and medium budgets
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