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RAS machines for: HVAC units and filters

Tailor-made air conditioning systems

Rox Klimatechnik GmbH is a specialist when it comes to energy-efficient indoor climate and process air technology. These large-scale systems, which provide a good atmosphere in buildings, are often located on flat roofs, but also in internal functional rooms. The technology of such air systems is housed by floor, wall and cover panels, as well as doors, condensate trays and weather protection roofs. For bending these panels, Rox relies on the RAS XLTbend metal folding system with UpDown bending technology.   [more]    [Video]

Heizluftgebläse biegen

Heiße Luft zu produzieren und zu verteilen ist seit fast 100 Jahren das Metier der Gustav Nolting GmbH. Spezialisiert hat sich das Detmolder Unternehmen auf innovative Luftheiztechnik. Die teilweise sehr großflächigen Blechteile eignen sich beim Biegen ideal für die Schwenkbiegetechnik. Mit der RAS XLTbend konnten Wirtschaftlichkeitseffekte erzielt werden, die deutlich über den anfänglichen Erwartungen liegen.    [mehr]

Automated bending of HVAC units

Johnson Controls from Norman, Oklahoma (USA) bends the body parts of their air conditioners on two RAS Multibend-Centers. They market their HVAC units under the brand names of York, Luxaire, Fraser-Johnston and Coleman. The panel bender automatically folds the workpieces before an operator takes the bent parts from the buffer table. Manufacturing Engineer Tom Langford is enthusiastic about the reliability and precision of the two Multibend Center.

Painting, air conditioning and filter systems

The Rippert group produces latest paint and powder coating systems as well as the associated components for air treatment and air distribution. For the customized and innovative solutions a high level of manufacturing flexibility is required. This also includes handling of low production quantities. The painting and air handling specialist focuses on the folding technology for all box and panels shape parts and in particular the RAS Multibend Center panel bender.

Multi-sided panel for an aircon unit

The bending center RAS Multibend Center bends a multi-sided panel for an air conditioning unit. During the challenging bending sequence, UpDownTools are also used. They temporarily create gaps in the tool setup of the folding beam. They are automatically activated during the bending process.

machine model: Multibend-Center

MiniBendCenter folds fan components

Parts of small fans can be very complex and create high demands on the automatic bending systems. The RAS MiniBendCenter a bending center for small parts starts with an automatic loading robot. Blanks can be either stacks or provided in bulk material boxes. The blanks do not need to be rectangular shaped, but can come in any outer contour. A tool changer automatically sets-up the bending cell. A manipulator moves the part to the individual bending stations, where the component will be bend up and down. In the runout, the finished parts can be lined up on a conveyor belt or pushed into bulk boxes.

machine model: MiniBendCenter

FLEXIbend improves filter production

DCE Donaldson is a subsidiary of Donaldson Co. Inc. of Minneapolis USA, a leading provider of filtration systems. The DCE Donaldson project team says: "We liked the flexibility in being able to operate the machine from the front for small parts. For large parts panels we move to the rear, where the support table with ball casters makes it much easier for the operator to feed and rotate the part. The transfer of a good proportion of our steel work from Press Brake to Folder has gone more smoothly than expected. We are seeing a reduction in problems associated with assembly due to the accuracy and repeatability we are achieving with our RAS folder".

machine model: FLEXIbend
  • Rox: Massanzug in der Klimatechnik
  • Nolting: Heizluftgebläse
  • MiniBendCenter: Lüfterteile
  • Multibend-Center: Klimagerät (mehrseitig)
  • Multibend-Center: Lackier-, Luft-, Filtersysteme
  • UpDownBend: Dunstabzug in Großküchen
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