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RAS machines for: Electrical and other cabinets

Shortage of skilled workers forces automation

Kimmel GmbH & Co. KG started automating manufacturing processes more than 20 years ago. By using a panel bender RAS Multibend-Center ECO with a working length of 2560 mm, the sheet metal parts specialist from Simbach in Bavaria, Germany, is able to react very flexible to order peaks. Volker Kimmel concludes: "With the RAS bending center, we have achieved all our objectives. Easy operation, flexible response to new challenges, low space requirements, and automation within bounds to counteract the increasingly critical labor shortage."
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UpDownCenter: 400 mm electrical cabinet with radii

The RAS UpDownCenter panel bender forms stainless steel electrical cabinets up to 400 mm in height. If the cabinets are used in environments with strict hygiene standards, easy cleaning is required. Radii on the bottom of the cabinets facilitate compliance with the regulations. The unique Bendex software programs the enclosure automatically based on a STEP file, including the tool setup. The tool changer sets up the tools and the UpDown folding center bends all four sides of the cabinet including the radii. A stop system with suction plates positions the control cabinet for each bend.

machine model: UpDownCenter-2

Server cabinet door with a large window opening

The panel bender RAS Multibend Center bends server cabinet doors with a large window opening. The main manipulator picks up the blank off-center and changes its position during the bending sequence. The closed profiles provides high rigidity at the edge of the folded cabinet door.

Speed and perfection

The panel bender RAS Multibend Center proves its speed and perfection not only for small batches, but also for medium and large lot sizes. Enthusiastic customers praise the high speed, which is a factor of 4-5 compared to traditional bending processes on press brakes. At the same time, the automatic bending center folds the cabinet housings and doors with such precision and repeatability that the components are ideal for downstream laser welding.

Cable duct with snap-on cover

RAS is showing an example of a cable duct with its filigree delicateness of shaping. The snap-on base and cover design, allows to open the cable duct without tools for changing cables and wires. The bottom part and the click-on cover are bent on the RAS Multibend-Center panel bender.

Australian server racks

MFB Products from Melbourne Australia are a leading producer of 19” rack mount enclosures and custom sheet metal components. They installed a RAS Multibend-Center 20 years ago providing the ability to enhance its products strength through smart folding techniques never before possible. As the company has grown, their need for an additional RAS Multibend-Center was evident. So RAS2 is now installed. Using the Bendex Office software, which programs the sheetmetal components automatically, they were able to improve their productivity even further.

Bending deep electrical cabinets

Alphatec Schaltschranksysteme GmbH produces cabinets for the electrical industry. These include meter cabinets, media columns and converter cabinets, e.g. for photovoltaic systems. About 35 percent are custom-made cabinets in small batches. For bending Alphatec uses a RAS UpDownCenter bending center. This panel bender bends the blanks up and down, automatically creates the part programs and sets up the tools with an automatic tool changer.

Bending switchgear cabinets

At the Telford factory of Proteus Switchgear, throughput of bent sheet metal components is just as high using a FLEXIbend folding machine as it was when the company was using a fully automated panel bender. Proteus' folding machine does not bend faster, but the change over from one job to another is much faster and more flexible. In addition the FLEXIbend also can bend smaller switchgear components in small to medium batches. Typical runs are from 10 to 20 and occasionally up to 50-off.

machine model: FLEXIbend

MiniBendCenter bends small parts for server rack

Company Triton from Pardubice in the Czech Republic is a manufacturer of data cabinets, power distribution systems and wardrobe lockers. Customers can design their own cabinets using the Triton product configurator. As a result production and machine flexibility need to be extremely high. The RAS MiniBendCenter bends small parts up to 600 x 600 mm in small to medium batch sizes. A optical scanner automatically finds the blanks on the pallet. Fed with this data, a robot loads the small-part into the bending center. After the automatic bending process is completed, the finished parts can be automatically delivered to different boxes. After one job is completed the tool changer automatically prepares the machine for the next job.

machine model: MiniBendCenter

Bending outdoor distribution cabinets

The RAS 79.31-2 Multibend Center at Eaton Cooper for example bends tops of outdoor distribution cabinets. The cross bends in the control cabinet top cover increase rigidity and ensure controlled water drainage. Due to the long runout with tilting tables, the bending cell can supply two different assembly lines with bent parts.

machine model: Multibend-Center

Telecom security cabinets

The American company Diversified Control is a manufacturer of security cabinets for the telecommunications industry. Owner Brent James says: "We've thought a lot about high-security electrical cabinets and claimed more than 40 patents over the past 25 years. Our range of weather-resistant metal enclosures exceeds all environmental testing specifications for the telecommunications industry." Diversified Control bends all large panels for wireless or wireline enclosures on a RAS Multibend Center panel bender with automatic blank loading.    [Text]

Bending containers and waste bins

Containers, waste bins, storage and disposal boxes are usually designed from large sheet metal parts with complex positive and negative bends. The bending center RAS Multibend-Center is ideally suited for bending small batches of parts in large varieties.

machine model: Multibend-Center

Server cabinets with grounding bolt

Server cabinets require a welded-on bolt for grounding the cabinet electrically. The RAS Multibend Center at Triton in the Czech Republic integrates automatic bending with stud welding. After the panel bender has folded a part, a bolt is automatically welded onto the part surface before an intelligent unloading robot automatically stacks the sheetmetal part.

machine model: Multibend-Center

Bending electrical cabinets

The video shows fully automatic bending of control cabinets, power distributors and mounting plates on the RAS Multibend Center panel bender. An intelligent loading robot delivers blanks to the bending center. The loading robot calculates its own movements, so there is no need for teaching or programming the robot and thus making the system suitable for smallest production batch sizes.

machine model: Multibend-Center

Top of a multi-sided server cabinet

The RAS Multibend Center bending center offers maximum part design flexibility. Even with multi-sided parts of server cabinets, the bending center is far from reaching its limits. The UpDownTools create space so that protruding flanges will be bent at the right time.

machine model: Multibend-Center

MiniBendCenter bends electrical industry parts

Complex components from the electrical industry are a challenge for the small parts bending center RAS MiniBendCenter. After the tool changer has completed the tool setup, the manipulator positions and rotates the parts for each bend. The intelligent loading robot - no need to teach or program the robot - feeds the blanks from pallets with stacks of different blanks.

machine model: MiniBendCenter

ProfileCenter bends electrical cabinet components

This video shows the RAS ProfileCenter as it bends profiles that will be installed in control cabinets for mounting accessories and shelves. The high straightness requirements and the variety of different geometries and part lengths make perfect use of the ProfileCenters flexibility. The Bendex software programs the profiles automatically starting from STEP files of the sheetmetal parts.

Sanitär-Verteilerschränke biegen

The Multibend-Center panel bender folds distribution cabinets for heating and cooling systems. With the unique UpDownTools, offset tabs can be bend. Automatic tool changes within the bending sequence enable the machine, bending special part geometries.

machine model: Multibend-Center

Bending cable ducts

The folding beam of the UpDownBend has no crown. Therefore, it is possible to move the folding beam to 90 degrees and use it as a stop in this position. Using this method also very small parts can be produced, such as narrow cable ducts. If in addition the blanks come with formings and embosses, the machine can handle this situation with special tools.

Cabinets for fire hoses and fire extinguishers

Cabinets for fire hoses and fire extinguishers made of a single blank and bend on all four-sided can be very deep. The UpDownCenter at EACI in Spain therefore is equipped with 300 mm high tools, which allow deep boxes and on the other hand meet the sheet thickness requirements. The Bendex software programs the parts fully automatically and with highest levels of precision.

machine model: UpDownCenter-2

Bending 400 mm deep electrical cabinet

The video shows how the RAS UpDownCenter bends a 400 mm deep stainless steel electrical cabinet. The unique Bendex software has programmed the enclosure automatically starting from a STEP file, including the tool setup. The tool changer sets up the tools and the UpDown folding center bends all four sides of the cabinet. A stop system with suction plates positions the control cabinet for each bend.



machine model: UpDownCenter-2

Electrical enclosures and server racks

CAM srl is located at the charming Lake Iseo in Italy. Owner Claudio Turelli says, they are using the RAS UpDownCenter metal folding system mainly for the production of electrical enclosures, server racks and metal cabinets, but also for many other mild steel and stainless steel components.

  • UpDownCenter-2: Schaltschränke
  • Kimmel: MBC 79.26-2 ECO
  • UpDownCenter: 400 mm Schaltschrank mit Radien
  • Multibend-Center: Schaltschranktüren mit großem Fensterausschnitt
  • UpDownCenter: Schaltschrank mit einem hohen L-Schenkel
  • Multibend-Center: Telekom-Sicherheitsschränke
  • MiniBendCenter: Gehäuseteile
  • MiniBendCenter: Bauteile Elektronikindustrie
  • UpDownBend: Kabelkanäle
  • ProfileCenter: Schaltschrankkomponenten
  • UpDownCenter: Schränke für Feuerlöschschläuche
  • Multibend Center: Mehrseitiger Serverschrank
  • Multibend Center: Erdungsbolzen schweissen
  • Multibend Center: Behälterteile
  • Multibend-Center: Schaltschrank-Komponenten
  • MiniBendCenter: Serverschrank-Komponenten
  • Multibend-Center: Sanitär-Verteilerschränke
  • UpDownCenter: 400 mm hoher Schaltschrank
  • UpDownCenter: Elektroschränke
  • Multibend-Center: Elektro-Verteilerschränke
  • Multibend-Center: Schaltschränke
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