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  • TURBObend: Metal folding machine
  • 10 mm CrownTool

Designed for roof and wall profiles

For many roofers and metal builders the TURBObend is the most advanced, easy to use and most accurate folding machine in the world. Do not compromise. Ultimately you earn your money with quality metal parts.

TURBObend Highlights

  • Bending profiles for roof, wall, facade
  • Easy to use (short training period, changing operators)
  • Ideal for all materials: copper, titanium zinc, aluminum, steel, stainless
  • Ideal for all typical sheet thicknesses: 0.5-1.2 mm, sometimes > 1.2 mm
  • Large free space for a wide range of part geometries
  • Automatic gauging system (repeatable profiles, no marking)
  • Fast machine (earlier on the construction site)
  • Low unit costs (one-man operation, low investment)
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