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Milestones in company history

1939        Wilhelm Reinhardt started RAS as a mechanical workshop
1946        Start of production of sheet metal processing machines
1949        Move from the Sindelfingen center to the present location
1955        RAS trademark is registered
1966        Construction of a production plant in Effringen
1978        First extension of the Effringen factory
1981        Founder Wilhelm Reinhardt passed away
1981        Willy Stahl sen and Rolf Reinhardt take over management
1985        Willy Stahl sen and Waltraud Stahl are the sole shareholders
1990/93   Sons Willy Stahl and Rainer Stahl enter the management
1992        Foundation of RAS Systems in the US
2000        Inauguration of assembly extension and showroom in Sindelfingen
2008        Extension of factory Effringen
2014        RAS celebrates its 75th anniversary
2017        Additional production area in Effringen
2021        Willy Stahl sen passed away
2022        Matthias Huber appointed as additional managing director
2024        Opening RAS France branch with representative showroom

Milestones in RAS product development

1949        RAS builds the first folding machine
1968        World's first NC-controlled folding machine
1991        First fully automated panel bender: Multibend-Center
1999        World's first folding center for long parts
2006        First UpDown folding machine: UpDownBend
2008        World's first folding center for small parts: MiniBendCenter
2012        First semi-automated panel bender: UpDownCenter
2013        Automatic One-Click part programming
2014        World's first folding center for profiles: ProfileCenter
2016        XLTbend as a high-tech offensive in UpDown bending
2017        Multibend-Center ECO as an entry-level solution for automatic bending
2018        TURBO2plus for the rooofing market with innovative Bendex software
2019        UpDownCenter-2 with tool changer and increased capacities
2020        Multibend-Center ECO in 3 meter working length
2020        POWERcut2: 2nd generation with all new software
2021        FLEXI2bend: The bestseller now also with Bendex software
2022        UpDown bending for thick materials: RAS MEGAbend
2023        Expansion of successful relationship: RAS joins Euclid Labs as shareholder
2024        MiniBendCenter 2: With autom. loading and unloading - sorted and unsorted