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  • FLEXI2bend Metal Folding
  • FLEXI2bend ALU 3mm - 4m Länge
  • FLEXI2bend: 7 parts in 8:15 min
  • Programming a stainless drain gutter
  • FLEXI2bend for expanded metal
  • FLEXI2bend: Radius with Alucobond material
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Easy, fast, flexible

The FLEXI2bend metal folding system can be used to produce almost any metal bending part geometry. It is thus a materpiece of flexibility. Unique and complex parts with high added value are bent by the FLEXI2bend with the same precision and repeatability as simple cassettes, panels or profiles.The Bendex software automatically programs the parts, evaluates alternative bending strategies, and shows the bending sequence on the monitor in 3D. Expert knowledge converted into software!

FLEXI2bend Highlights

  • Machine models: 4060 x 2.5 mm and 3200 x 3 mm (mild steel)
  • Maximum bending flexibility for cassettes, boxes and profiles
  • Bendex graphic software at the machine
  • Bendex Office Software. Programming without stopping the machine
  • Drawing on the touch monitor or STEP, DXF, GEO file import of the part
  • Automatic programming of the bending sequences
  • 3D bending simulation
  • Material tables: automatic springback compensation
  • Expert knowledge implemented in software
  • Large free space around the tools: allows flexible part design
  • Segmented upper beam tools for box and panel bending
  • Automatic recognition of a tool change
  • Automatic recognition of the tool height meets existing safety standards
  • Segmented folding beam tools for interrupted bend lines
  • Automatic clamping of the upper beam and folding beam tools
  • SnapTools: automatic retraction from side flanges
  • Fast beam movements: high productivity and throughput
  • Easy operation: Short training period
  • Operation from the folding beam side (smaller parts and profiles)
  • Operation from gauging side (panels)
  • Intelligent crowning system for perfectly straight bends
  • Rectangular gauging system or center extended T gauging system
  • Center oriented bending: optimum bending results
  • Solid stop fingers
  • Bending up
  • Lockable storage space integrated in machine covers
  • Air conditioned control cabinet
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