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MinibendCenter 2

  • World first: Fully automatic loading, bending and dispensing of parts!
  • Pick up, shape and place small parts fully automatically

Quantum Leap!

The second-generation RAS MiniBendCenter represents a revolutionary advance in production technology for small bent parts. As the world's first fully automatic folding center, it enables the seamless, automated processing of sheet metal: from automatic tool set-up and feeding of the blanks to alignment and measurement. A sophisticated manipulator positions the sheet precisely for the bending process, which can be performed both upwards and downwards.

With the introduction of high-precision servo-electrics, the MiniBendCenter 2 sets new standards in terms of efficiency and precision. The integration of an intelligent robot revolutionizes the loading of punched or laser-cut blanks as well as the unloading of the finished bent parts, which it deposits or stacks unsorted as required. The newly implemented pallet changing station optimizes the material flow by providing a central point for feeding in new blanks and removing the processed parts. With these innovations, the MiniBendCenter 2 not only guarantees low unit costs, but also a quantum leap in productivity in automated sheet metal processing.

MiniBendCenter 2 Highlights

  • The world's only swivel bending center for small parts
  • Automatic loading by robot (from bulk material or from stack)
  • Automatic unloading by robot (stack on pallet or bulk material on pallet with frame)
  • Automatic tool set-up
  • Scanning of the supplied blanks
  • Servo-electric manipulation for bent part positioning
  • Automatic bending sequences with up and down bending
  • Maximum precision and repeat accuracy
  • Unmanned operation during the night shift


  • Small bent parts
  • Small electrical housings
  • Internal parts for vending machines or white goods
  • Functional parts
  • Cluster parts
  • Prototype parts, if later tool-based production is planned
  • Parts with medium quantities
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