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Multibend-Center ECOauto

  • Multibend-Center ECOauto
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ECOauto: ECO with Automation

After the RAS Multibend-Center ECO had found its fan base as an affordable entry-level solution into automatic panel bending, the request for a simple blank loading and finished parts stacking automation quickly came up. Here is the solution:  Multibend-Center ECOauto.

Multibend-Center ECOauto Highlights

  • Manual blank loading
  • Manual unloading of bent parts (same side)
  • Automatic blank squaring
  • Automatic UpDown bending sequences
  • Automatic tool setup
  • Highest level of productivity
  • Highest level of precision and repeatability
  • Scratch free bending, no wear of tools
  • One-click part programming
  • Small floor space required
Download all information as PDF.
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