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  • Intelligent swaging machine RAS EasyFormer
  • UnLock function
  • EasyFormer: Stop Plates
  • Seaming wheels
  • Swaging wheels: Insulations
  • Swaging wheels
  • Flanging wheels BC
  • Flanging wheels FL
  • Campfering wheels
  • Offset wheels (offset facing out)
  • Offset wheels (offset facing in)
  • Double seaming wheels
  • Double seaming wheels: Single flange
  • Screw-in wheels
  • Tube seaming wheels
  • Flanging wheels BD
  • Knee-pipe wheels
  • Crimping and setoff wheels
  • Square wheels: Inside seam
  • Square wheels : Lateral seam
  • Wiring wheels ZA
  • Wiring wheels ZB
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Intelligent swaging machines with new Touch control

The EasyFormer swaging machines "learn" from the operator how to swage and flange parts. In automatic mode the machine clones the taught sequence. The variable speed allows both: sensitive work with complicated parts or fast and productive runs with small series. The controller offers the best clarity and can be operated intuitively.

EasyFormer Highlights

  • Automatic learning of movement sequences
  • Simple workshop-friendly operation, as no programming is required
  • Repeatable parts quality even with less trained staff
  • Large range of forming wheels for different applications
  • Large range of stop plates for different applications
  • Two speed ranges for sensitive and less critical jobs
  • Speed adjustable via the foot pedal depending on training level
  • Upper wheel adjustment in tenths of a millimeter increments
  • Left-right-runs for non-circulating seams
  • Accurate positioning for non-circulating seams
  • Sequences of frequently used components can be stored
  • Optimum clarity in the program management menu
  • Mechanical UnLock safety function opens the wheels instantly
  • Wheel boxes and wheel key
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