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The Multibend-Center ECOauto includes:

  • Automatic blank loading from a single stack
  • Suction cup measuring table with brushes
  • Magic-Eye blank scanner for optical measuring
  • Automatic blank transfer to the main manipulator
  • Manipulator rotates and positions the parts
  • Up and down bending
  • Tool changer for automatic upper beam tool setup
  • Tools for upper beam, folding beam and lower beam
  • Roto-foot corner tools for rotation into and out of bent flanges
  • Horizontal stacking of the bent parts

Palletizer Automation

  • Loading system for automatic blank feeding from a single stack with identical sheets lined up according to a reference edge
  • Picking up and horizontal stacking of bent parts on pallets
  • Suction frame includes the following functions:
  •     Peeling of the top blank with peeling suction cups
  •     Fast manual adjustment of the suction cup positions
  • Safety system with electrically monitored doors

The total package also includes:

  • CellControl Office Software for manual programming of the bending sequences and setting up job lists
  • Online support for service and application assistance for one year

Optionally the package can be completed with:

  • Bendex Office software
  •      Automatic programming of the bending sequences
  •      Ranking of alternative bending sequences
  •      3D bending sequence simulation
  • Software updates of the Bendex Office software for one year
  • Folding beam with manual crowning option
  • UpDownTools for interrupted bend lines
  • Tab tools for bending welding tabs
  • Reinforced tools for 2.5 mm mild steel components