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  • XL-Center: Bending Roof/Wall profiles
  • Accuracy on 1.5 mm mild steel
  • XL-Center: Bending a roof ridge
  • Star-shaped facade profile
  • XL-Center: Tapered parts
  • XL-Center: Bending on hems
  • XL-Center: Roller shutter box
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Innovation at its best!

The XL-Center is a remarkable folding innovation for roofing and architectural profiles. With 3200 mm folding length, the XL-Center offers technical excellence.

XL-Center Highlights

  • Machine model 3200 x 1,5 mm
  • Mainly used for roof, wall and façade profiles
  • Draw a profile on the touch monitor or import a part geometry
  • Bendex machine software. Office software available in addition.
  • Expert knowledge implemented in software
  • Automatic programming of the bending sequences
  • Bendex software suggests the best bending strategy with a 5-star ranking
  • 2D or 3D simulation of the bending sequence and visualization of possible collisions
  • New profiles can be checked for feasibility before cutting and bending
  • Assured bending quality through automatic blank alignment
  • High productivity due to fast bending sequences.
  • No operator intervention during bending sequence due to up and down bending
  • Perfect fitting accuracy and no programming effort for interlocking profiles (tapered bending)
  • Scratch-free bending of pre-coated materials due to rolling bending motion
  • Large variety of part geometries can be bent due to 300 degree free area in front of the folding beams (patented)
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