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RAS machines for: Doors and frames

Bend and automatically program door frames

With the RAS ProfileCenter, you can have sheet metal blanks formed into profiles fully automatically. Here, the example is for door frames made of sheet steel. In the video you will first see how a profile is formed in reality. Then we show how the software calculates and simulates all necessary bendings.

machine model: ProfileCenter

Bending fireproof doors

The panel bender RAS Multibend Center folds fire doors. The 2-station gantry loader, you can either load all inside panels first followed by the outside panels. Alternatively the base and the cover of the fireproof door can be loaded one-by-one. The Bendex software programs the doors automatically starting from STEP files of the sheetmetal parts.

Complex doors programmed automatically

The video shows how the semi-automated RAS UpDownCenter panel bender folds very complex safety doors. The door panels are bent on all four sides. This eliminates welding of an extra footer frame. Starting from STEP files by the Bendex software programs the door panels automatically. First part accuracy in perfection!

Bending complex metal door frames automatically

The bending center RAS ProfileCenter with its unique and patented gripper system has been specially developed for bending narrow and long profiles. The video shows the folding center as it bends complex door frames. The ProfileCenter even bends pre-coated material with an imprinted wood structure to perfection.

XLTbend folds US door geometry

The video shows two-sided bending of a metal doors shape. This design is used mainly in the American, Arabian and Asian markets.

Bending profiles for coldrooms

The RAS ProfileCenter bends a profile for a coldroom fully automated. Thanks to the unique handling system and the UpDown bending technology, complex profiles can be bent economically even in small quantities. The Bendex software programs the profiles with a single mouse click, starting from a STEP file of the part.

machine model: ProfileCenter

Folding metal doors

The company EuroBond Doors Ltd has been bent metal doors on a RAS FLEXIbend. As the door design got more complex and the doors were getting bigger, the Cardiff (UK) based company has added a RAS UpDownBend with 4060 mm bending length. Main applications of the doors are server rooms, pharmaceutical, industrial, food processing and sports centers.

  • ProfileCenter: Biegen und Programmieren
  • ProfileCenter: Türzargen
  • Multibend-Center: Metalltüren
  • Multibend-Center: Feuerschutztüren
  • UpDownCenter: Sicherheitstüren (auto-programmiert)
  • ProfileCenter: Kühlzellen-Profil
  • XLTbend: US Metalltüren biegen
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