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RAS machines for: Heating systems

Heizluftgebläse biegen

Heiße Luft zu produzieren und zu verteilen ist seit fast 100 Jahren das Metier der Gustav Nolting GmbH. Spezialisiert hat sich das Detmolder Unternehmen auf innovative Luftheiztechnik. Die teilweise sehr großflächigen Blechteile eignen sich beim Biegen ideal für die Schwenkbiegetechnik. Mit der RAS XLTbend konnten Wirtschaftlichkeitseffekte erzielt werden, die deutlich über den anfänglichen Erwartungen liegen.    [mehr]

Covers for pellet heating systems

On the Hargassner shop floor space is limited. The pallet oven specialist therefore requested a special solution with an intelligent loading and unloading robot for the production of their boiler trims. The blanks are provided by a Stopa storage system and the robot can pick and load blanks from up to 4 different stacks of material without a need of being programmed. The unloading robot stacks the finished parts on pallets and also calculates its movements fully automated.

Wrapper for a heating stove

The UpDown RAS XLTbend folding machine for semi-automatic bending of wrapper for a heating stove made of 3 mm mild steel. The hybrid gauging system automatically positions the part for subsequent bends. The virtual navigator (ViN) indicates the exact blank loading position to the operator.

machine model: XLTbend

Pellet heating systems

Panel bender RAS Multibend-Center with 2 station gantry loader at Arcobaleno in Italy bends panels for pellet heating systems. This however is just an example of the variety of products, this Northern Italian job shop folds on the flexible metal bending system.

Radius part of a heat exchanger

The RAS Multibend Center bending Center can create radii on heat pump covers from individual bending steps. Almost any radius with the highest quality standards can be bent. Means: Maximum part design flexibility and no additional investment in special tools.

machine model: Multibend-Center
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