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  • VENTIrounder: Rounding airduct elbows

Rounding of air duct components

The VENTIrounder rounds inside and outside elbow cheeks of air ducts with pre-formed seams. The segmented and slidable forming rolls round the duct cheeks without pressing or closing the seams.

VENTIrounder Highlights

  • Rounding of air duct elbow cheeks with pre-formed seams
  • Rounding of sheet metal with Pittsburgh, Snap-Lock or Standing Seam
  • No damage to the pre-formed seams due to the moveable rolls
  • Quickly adjust to different inside and outside widths elbow cheeks
  • Mark-free rounding of the visible outside elbow cheeks
  • Selecting of forward and reverse movement (hands remain on part)
  • Variable speed for high productivity and sensitive work
  • Optional configuration for stainless steel air ducts
Download all information as PDF.
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