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  • XXL-Center: Long folding center
  • XXL-Center with CutModule
  • XXL-Center: Corrugated profile
  • XXL-Center: Complex wall profile
  • XXL-Center: 8 meter model
  • XXL-Center: Cut-Modul in operation
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Automated bending of long profiles

The XXL long folding center automatically inserts, squares, positions to the bend line, and folds the flanges up or down. No more rotation. No more complicated handling. No more second or third operator. The XXL-Center automatically produces precision long parts in record time.

XXL-Center Highlights

  • Machine for roof&wall profiles
  • Automatic inserting and positioning of blanks
  • Bending up and down
  • Scratch-free bending of sensitive materials
  • Large free spaces for maximum part design flexibility
  • Automatic bending sequences
  • Automatic 1-click part programming
  • High productivity
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