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Lubrication KITs for RAS folding machines

RAS Lubrication Kits

Special lubricants are used to ensure that mechanical parts function with as little wear as possible over the long term. They form a sliding film between components and reduce friction, dissipate heat and at the same time remove abrasive particles and foreign bodies. Therefore, the use of suitable lubricants is essential for the reliability and longevity of your RAS machines.

A differentiation is made between oils, greases or even pastes. Each material pairing requires specific lubrication. The correct specification of lubricants for each lubrication point is listed in the operating manual of your RAS machine: because not all lubricants are the same

However, it is often time-consuming for our customers to procure the right lubricant in the appropriate quantity. If then also the suitable grease gun, the right brush or the suitable lubricating nipple attachment is missing, some planned maintenance is omitted. To ensure that all maintenance can be carried out on time in the future, RAS has put together two maintenance packages for each machine model: the StarterKIT and the LubriKIT.


It contains all the hardware components and lubricants you need to maintain your RAS machine within one year. Example for the XLTbend:

  • Maintenance box for neat storage of hardware components
  • Graphic guide with magnetic holder for lubrication points, tools and lubricants.
  • Specific oils, greases and pastes for your RAS machine in the right quantity
  • 2x brushes for applying greases
  • 3x grease guns
  • Filters (if needed for the machine)
  • Suitable grease nipple attachments
  • Grease nipple extensions


For the next scheduled maintenance, you can continue to use the hardware components and only need a new set of lubricants.

  • Specific oils,
  • greases and
  • pastes for your RAS machine

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