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  • DuctZipper-L: Production of large ducts
  • DuctZipper-L: Production sequence

For large ducts and high productivity

RAS has designed the DuctZipper in L-shape especially for large ducts and high productivity.

The RAS DuctZipper duct seaming machines reduce the traditional three steps (rollform the receiver lock, rollforming the flange and finally closing the seam) down to only one easy run through the machine. The result is a clean joint and an extremely tight duct.

DuctZipper-L Highlights

  • Halved staffing needs due to easy handling of large air ducts
  • Doubled working speed due to fast workflow
  • Low physical strain on machine operators
  • Consistent long-term quality due to low machine wear
  • 40-50% less space required (possible installation next to a wall)
  • Improved seam accuracy due to longer guide rail
  • Increased safety: Even large ducts keep their shape
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning due to good accessibility
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