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POWERcut 2
  • POWERcut2: Swing beam shear
  • POWERcut2: Blanks for metal facades

Swing Beam Shears Re-Invented

The second generation RAS POWERcut2 swing beam shears deliver twist-free, high precision and burr-free cuts with maximum dimensional accuracy. They ensure optimal material utilization and enable an optimum workflow.

POWERcut2 Highlights

  • Swing beam cutting for accurate blank sizes and straight cuts
  • Low rake angle for twist-free strips
  • Large and clear 15 "touch monitor with new operating concept
  • 3 Operating levels:
  •     Simple input mode for occasional users
  •     Extended simple mode for more experienced users
  •     Program mode for experts
  • Sheet support system saves labor costs
  • Fast automatic blade clearance adjustment for thickness and material
  • Rapid stroke sequence and adjustable cutting length for high throughput
  • Optimal material utilization through deep pockets
  • Large shear tables with ball casters facilitate material handling
  • Sorting of blanks during cutting (good parts, scrap, small parts)
  • Long lifetime of the cutting blades
  • LED-illuminated cutting area

Versatile applications

The POWERcut2 swing shears are suitable for a wide range of materials:

  • Normal sheets, perforated blanks, tread plates, wire mesh, spring steel ...
  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper ...
  • Galvanized, coated, anodized ...
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