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RAS machines for: Pipes, chimneys and metal insulations

Intelligent swaging with RAS EasyFormer

The intelligent swaging machines RAS EasyFormer learn from the operator how to swage and flange (NO programming required !!). In automatic mode the machine clones the taught sequence. The variable speed allows both: sensitive work with complicated parts or fast and productive runs with small series. The EasyFormer RAS 12.35-2 swaging machine processes sheet thicknesses up to 1.75 mm. The big brother RAS 12.65-2 is designed for thicknesses up to 3 mm. Several stop plates are available for different applications. The unique UnLock safety feature meets the latest safety requirements.

machine model: EasyFormer 12.35
  • Intelligente Sickenmaschine RAS EasyFormer
  • EasyFormer: Kastenwalzen seitlich
  • EasyFormer: Kastenwalzen innen
  • EasyFormer: Zulegwalzen ZB
  • EasyFormer: Zulegwalzen ZA
  • EasyFormer: Doppelfalzwalzen- 1 Bord
  • EasyFormer: Sickenwalzen
  • EasyFormer: Absetzen nach außen
  • EasyFormer: Absetzen nach innen
  • EasyFormer: Bördelwalzen FL
  • EasyFormer: Schraubsickenwalzen
  • EasyFormer: Schlauchsickenwalzen
  • EasyFormer: Vornehmwalzen
  • EasyFormer: Schweifwalzen
  • EasyFormer: Bördelwalzen BD
  • EasyFormer: Knierohrwalzen
  • EasyFormer: Isolierungen
  • EasyFormer: Einzieh-Absetzwalzen
  • EasyFormer: Doppelfalzwalzen
  • EasyFormer: Bördelwalzen BC
  • Falz-Zudrückmaschine RAS 25.15
  • Sickenmaschinen RAS 11.15 und RAS 11.35
  • Rundmaschine RME: Konisch Runden
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