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  • DuctZipper-V: Duct seaming machine
  • DuctZipper-V with SealJet

Professional air ducts

The RAS DuctZipper-V forms and closes the seamed joint on small and medium size air ducts. Professional air ducts can hardly be produced faster, more easily and more economically. The RAS DuctZipper closes a duct bent on three sides with a seam in a single pass.

DuctZipper-V Highlights

  • Quick and easy forming and closing of long seams on air ducts
  • Cost-saving production, as a single pass replaces 2-3 operation steps
  • Due to the V-shape sheets slide by gravity to the connection point
  • Ideal machine for small and medium sized air ducts
  • Very tight seam joint for demanding applications
  • SealJet seals the joint for extreme energy efficiency requirements
  • AutoPilot ensures a simultaneous start of the seam on both ends
  • The duct support system holds the weight of the duct
  • If there are several seams the support system becomes a transport system
  • Ducts may return on the support system back to the entry side
  • Convenient, power-saving and usually saves the second operator
  • Improved seam quality due to extended guiding rail
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