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ProfileCenter Software

ProfileCenter Software

The ProfileCenter Software has been created specifically for the ProfileCenter.

Import a part

  • Import of a STEP file (alternatives: DXF, GEO) with the part model.
  • The software analyzes the STEP file and automatically generates a 3D model. For DXF files, the programmer has to add to the bend angle.
  • Springback compensation angles are listed in material tables.

One Click Programming

  • The software automatically programs the bending sequences with a single mouse click!
  • If there are different folding sequences, the software recommends the best alternative with a 5 star ranking.
  • The automatic programming includes the loading and handling of the profiles.

Simulation of the bending sequence in 3D

  • A 3D simulation represents the bending sequences.
  • The bending program gets to the machine via a customer network or USB stick.
  • Comfortable program correction ... if this is at all necessary!
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