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Bendex Software

Within the unique Bendex platform, two types of market-leading and powerful software solutions have been developed. Both software packages together provide fully integrated solutions for order acceptances, order processing and production:

  • Bendex Machine and Office Software for automatic programming of bending sequences on RAS metal folding machines
  • Bendex Enterprise Software for sales and production of bending parts incl. accessories

Machine & Office Software

These capabilities are exclusively available for RAS metal folding machines. The Bendex software automatically programs the bending sequence based on the drawn or imported part geometries. The full integration and digital consistency entitled RAS to an exclusive "powered by Bendex" technology partner. You can read about more details of this integration in the "Technology Partner" category.

Versions of the Bendex Machine and Office Software are currently available for the following RAS metal folding machines:

By purchasing a software update contract, the customer can benefit from ongoing further developments of the software and the additional features. 

Enterprise Software

Die Bendex Enterprise Software ist in Module gegliedert mit denen der Anwender seinen individuellen Funktionsumfang zusammenstellen kann. Je nach Komplexität und kundespezifischen Anpassungen sind zwei Versionsstufen verfügbar: 

  • Bendex Enterprise Professional 
  • Bendex Enterprise Ultimate

Capabilities of Bendex Enterprise Professional

  • Fast and error-free capture of parts in the office or on the mobile device
  • Profiles with tapered flanges, holes and notches
  • Solution for in-house production/assembly or for the parts to be sold
  • Automatically generates quotes 24/7 and calculates sales prices
  • Customers can order 24 hours a day
  • Customer loyalty through innovative service
  • Reduces order processing time to a minimum
  • Eliminates unnecessary queries to the customer or to the company's own construction crews
  • Prepares production documents in a standardized format
  • Material management of all available materials and coatings
  • Automatic calculation of material demand incl. waste optimization
  • Shows order overviews incl. search and filter functions
  • Planning views for time intervals, machines and jobs
  • Fully automatic programming of RAS machines folding machines

Bendex Enterprise Professional offers a total solution for producers, distributors, dealers and assemblers of metal profiles, bent parts and roll-formed components including accessories.