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  • SpeedySeamer: Seams for the ventilation industry
  • SpeedySeamer: Stainless steel air ducts

Versatile rollforming!

The RAS 22.07 SpeedySeamer with seven rollforming stations is a multi-functional and cost-efficient allrounder for the production of seams in the HVAC ducting industry. The top of the line RAS 22.09 SpeedySeamer is a 9-station high quality system.

SpeedySeamer Highlights

  • Rollforming of all common seams on air ducts and pipes
  • Economical, fast and profitable production in a single run
  • Two sets of roll can be set up at a time
  • Matching seams can be produced without any downtime
  • Combinations: Pittsburgh/Standing seam and Snap-lock/Cam-standing seam
  • Durable rolls made of case hardened special steel
  • Table height adjustable to the sets of rolls
  • Machine adaptable for current and future applications
  • Wide gear box improves guidance and increases the seaming quality
  • Hardened run-in guides (reduced wear)
  • Run-in guides with pins (processing beaded sheets)
  • Adjustable roll for straightening or pre-rounding of seamed sheets
  • Improved safety due to height-adjustable covers
  • Small blank guiding system increases the application diversity
  • Lifting device avoids cracking of aluminum sheets
  • Rolls for stainless steel ducts available
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