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Panel Bender: UpDownBend RAS 78.40


When bending complex parts, the bending direction often changes. The UpDownBend metal folding machine bends the sheets up and down without the need to turn the blank. This impressively flexible folding system thus makes work much easier and increases productivity and throughput significantly.


  • Positive and negative bending without part flipping
  • Quick tool setup
  • Easy programming


  • Control in Operation Desk
  • J-shape telescopic gauging system left (95-4150 mm)
  • Upper beam tool set 200V
  • Folding beam tool set 12 x 30 mm (max 2 mm)
  • Folding beam tool set 18 x 30 mm (max 3 mm)
  • Lower beam tool set
  • Option: Foldong beam used as stop (e.g. for oblique blanks)
  • Software: Offline programming
  • Online Support 1 year

Technical Data RAS 78.40

  • Bending length max                                 4060 mm
  • Sheet thickness max (mild steel)                3,0 mm
  • Dimensions (J-Anschlag)     5550 x 5515 mm

Please contact us:    sales[@]RAS-onlinede