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Highlights of the XXL-Center Software

The XXL-Center Software has been created specifically for the XXL-Center.

Create or load a profile

  • Draw a part on your office PC in 2D or 3D. Specify the colour side. View the profile from any perspective.
  • Alternatively enter flange dimensions and angles and watch how the profile arises on the monitor.
  • Or: select a profile from the profile list (archive) and modify flange dimensions and angles if needed.
  • Or: import a profile that has been created on a tablet PC on site.

One click programming

  • The software programs the bending sequences automatically with a single mouse click!
  • If there are several alternatives, the program shows a ranking of the alternatives.
  • A 2D or 3D program simulation shows in detail how the part will be created.
  • The program gets to the machine via network or USB memory stick.

Folding and corrections

  • After the program has been started the software instructs the operator what needs to be done.
  • This includes: Blank loading position, colour side, which foot pedal needs to be pressed etc.
  • After the first part has been created there are numerous comfortable ways for program corrections.


  • Manage your jobs with diffent profiles and quantities with joblists.
  • A joblist shows the quantities and job data.
  • You can create a production sequence with a job list.
  • When you execute a joblist the control shows which job you are working on.

Profile archive

  • You can store profiles in individual categories (eg sorted by customer name, project, profile name or article)
  • All categories are clearly arranged. One mouse click and the profile is ready for production.
  • You can also export a profile so that it can be use in other applications (eg sales catelogs, packing labels).