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Swaging Machine RAS 11.15: Manual Drive

The RAS 11.15 with manual drive is the ideal swaging machine for the workshop as well as the construction site. The standard delivery already includes 9 sets of  wheels for all common applications.

Swaging Machine RAS 11.35: Motor Drive

The RAS 11.35 swaging machine comes on a stand and with 9 sets of wheels for all common applications. On this motor driven machine, the speed can be steplessly adjusted using a poti on the machine stand. Experienced operators choose higher speeds, less trained people prefer the slower speed range. With the foot switch the set speed can be recalled and the rotation of the rolls can be changed for Left-Right-Run. 



Stop Plate options

The high-strength and extra-large stop plate is designed for the highest demands. In addition, other stop plates are available.

  • The divided stop can be used for almost all wheels
  • Stop plate for insulating pipes
  • Special stop plate for bevel flanging wheels BD
  • Round stop for internal flanges on blanks