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Touch-Cut control

The Touch-Cut control positions the backstop to the programmed dimension and cuts the required number of pieces. The operator can program a single program line or can create entire cutting programs.

  • Very easy to use Touch control
  • Mainly craphical icons
  • Up to 50 programs with 20 lines each can be stored
  • Single or continuous stroke mode

Precision cuts

The CNC backgauge positions the blank precisely within the 750 mm stop depth. A bright LED cutting line illumination simplifies the work, if the blanks need to be positioned below the shear blades using marks.

  • Beveled shear tables for fast working sequences
  • Adjustable bolts of the squaring arm (adjustment in case of wear)
  • Self-cleaning of the squaring a while moving the blank
  • LED cutting line illumination
  • Downholder with wear-resistant rubber strip (cutting without marks)
  • Optional 1500 mm table extension supports large workpieces
  • Ball rollers for easy movement of heavy metal parts
  • Front stops for positioning from the front
  • Adjustable angular stop for angular cuts

Exact gap size

With a hand lever, the cutting gap eccentric can be quickly and easily adjusted to sheet thickness and material type.

  • Burr-free cuts
  • Setting positions are shown on a scale
  • Adjustment for sheet thickness and material type

Cutting and Sorting

The sheet support guides even the thinnest materials horizontally and accurately to the backstop. A foot lever position determines whether the parts chute delivers cut pieces to the front or the rear.

  • Sheet support system guides the parts horizontally to the backstop
  • Precision cuts
  • After cutting: Sheet support system tilts downwards
  • Foot lever for adjusting the parts chute
  • Cut piece sorting to the front or the rear
  • Wider cuts will be delivered into the front part collectors
  • Smaller cuts and trim cuts delivered to the rear
  • Parts collectors receives the blanks
  • Moveable stacking carriage: Collection of cut parts and transport




Flexible safety concept

Protective fences and safety light beams together with the attractive machine design complete the PRIMEcut swing beam shear safety concept.

  • Safety systems can be adapted to the job situation
  • All round fence with access door (low-cost solution)
  • Side fences and rear light beam (good access from the rear)