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Twist-free cut pieces

The low rake angle between the upper and lower blades ensures twist-free blanks.

  • Constant rake angle even with thicker sheets
  • Twist-free cuts starting from 10-15x sheet thickness
  • Rigid machine design absorbs high cutting forces

Maximum productivity

Speed ​​in all aspects of operation ensures high throughput and productivity:

  • Rapid sequence of up to 50 strokes per minute 
  • Adjustable cutting length for short parts
  • Fast backstop movement
  • Fast and automatic blade clearance adjustment
  • Sorting functions of the sheet support and sorting system
  • Single stroke and continuous strokes

Individual operating concept

 The 15" touch monitor offers maximum and individual operating convenience

  • Large screen and purely icon based operating functions
  • Simple, fast and intuitive inputs
  • Movable control panel along the front of the machine
  • 3 operating modes for occasional users, more experienced users, experts
  • Simple mode: sheet thickness, material type, stop dimension and quantity
  • Advanced simple mode: additional sorting functions and cutting length
  • Program mode: Cutting programs with several program lines
  • Save and load programs

Straight cutting edges

On a swing beam shear the upper blade penetrates the material above the lower blade

  • Clean and right-angled cuts
  • Long lifetime of the blades
  • Blades: 2 cutting edges on upper blade, 4 cutting edges on lower blade

Best operator ergonomics

The shear table is the operator's direct working area. Its design ensures for easy, quick and efficient material handling.

  • Working height 850 mm
  • Wide, beveled and rigid tables for quick material handling
  • Ball rollers for gentle metal plate movement
  • Recessed grip between shear tables
  • Table extensions and table supports for easy access
  • Moveable table extensions can be added within seconds
  • Table extensions can be easily docked with a lever
  • Front stop with fine adjustment
  • Adjustable and self-cleaning squaring stop
  • Finger safety protection with good visibility
  • Deep finger pockets for an optimum material use
  • LED workspace illumination
  • Hold-down pressure automatically adjusts for slip free cutting
  • Easy maintenance and good accessibility when changing the oil
  • Large frame cutout for easy blade change
  • Highest safety levels by two-channel queries

Precise cutting dimensions

The combination of CNC backstop and sheet support system ensure precise cutting dimensions. The sheet support system guides the sheet to the backstop.

  • Sheet in a horizontal position: exact cutting dimensions
  • Backstop depths selectable: 1000 mm, 1250 mm and 1500 mm
  • Snap-on extensions of the sheet support arms

Sorting while cutting

After the cut is made, the sheet support system shows its superiority with multiple material sorting functions:

  • Sorting the blanks while cutting increases productivity
  • Blanks rolling off in 3 angular positions
  • Low angle for sensitive parts: smooth and gentle delivery
  • Steep angle for normal blanks: fast delivery, rapid sequences
  • Return-to-Sender brings cut parts back to the operator
  • Safe small parts sorting to the front (max 200 x 500 mm)
  • Trim cuts fall into large volume scrap box
  • Separation of good parts and scrap during cutting
  • Removal of full scrap box to the rear, the right or the left
  • No material sorting required below the shear