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  • RAS UpDownCenter: Folding Center
  • UpDownCenter: Tiefe Elektrogehäuse biegen
  • UpDownCenter at company "von Arb"
  • UpDownCenter: Bending safety doors
  • RAS UpDownCenter: Programming
  • UpDownCenter: Facade panels
  • UpDownCenter: Rößler GmbH
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Semi automated panel bender with tool changer

The UpDownCenter is a semi-automated bending center for panels and boxes up to 4060 mm in length and 400 mm box height. Besides the up and down folding capability and the automatic tool change, the true highlight of the machine is the automatic one-click programming software.

Even the first bent part is accurate!

Here are some samples of how accurately the software programs a parts starting from the imported STEP file and how accurately the machine already bends the very first part.

UpDownCenter Highlights

  • Automatic tool setup, semi-automatic material handling
  • Suitable for small and medium batch sizes (frequent change of jobs)
  • Automatic part programming
  • Bending up and down
  • Bending of boxes with radii and oblique base shapes (difficult gauging)
  • Bending of parts with embosses, large holes etc.
  • Solution for medium budgets

Application industries

  • Job shops
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Aircon units and filters
  • Refrigerated counters
  • Facades
  • Metal doors
  • Housings / Sound-proof booths
  • Machine covers
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