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  • MiniBendCenter 2
  • MiniBendCenter: Overall view
  • MiniBendCenter in practical use
  • MiniBendCenter: Demo part
  • MiniBendCenter with laser loading system
  • MiniBendCenter: 3D programming
  • Stainless steel profile of a refrigerator
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Quantum Leap!

The RAS MiniBendCenter is the world’s first automatic folding center for small parts. Blanks will be automatically fed, squared and measured. Tool setup is all automatic. A manipulator moves and rotates the blank automatically to the exact position. The folding cell folds the part up and down. The MiniBendCenter leads to low costs per part and a quantum leap in productivity.

MiniBendCenter Highlights

  • The only folding center for small parts: World-wide
  • Automatic loading, gauging, folding and unloading
  • Folding up and down
  • Automated folding processes, highest productivity levels
  • Automatic tool setup
  • Versatile options for automatic loading and unloading
  • Highest levels of precision and repeatability
  • Unmanned operation during the night shift


  • Inside components
  • Functional parts
  • Cluster parts 
  • Production start-up of parts later being stamped
  • Mid-size batches
  • Variants of components
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