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A job shop with a focus on machine cladding and containers has to be able to cover a wide range of sheet thicknesses in the bending process. The sometimes large and heavy components with large surfaces are ideal for metal folding. A wide range of challenges need to be mastered in terms of bending geometries. This includes hems, radii, inside bends, sheets with sensitive surfaces, and the full range from very thin to very thick materials. The RAS GIGAbend metal folding machine manages this balancing act perfectly.    [more]

Bending radius parts for advertising displays

When bending radius parts from 3-4 mm aluminum, the RAS GIGAbend can achieve outstanding results. Exact and repeatable radii over the entire length of the part and scratch-free material surfaces characterize the folding technology for radius parts with perfect optical finish. Using adapter tools, the customer can produce tools with any desired radius and expand the range of applications the GIGAbend can achieve at a reasonable price.

GIGAbend in metal construction

Tecnic Metal Listes near Barcelona, Spain, is a metal builder specialized in the metal doors, projecting roofs, fireplaces, stairs and window frames. May the special requirements of the architects be extremely special, Angel Rodriguez and his team, will take any challenge. With the RAS GIGAbend and several sets of tool, the small company meets nearly all requirements. Angel Rodriguez appears perfectly satisfied with his decision for the RAS GIGAbend. "The machine has so much free space that we can custom-design parts profitably even in small batches."

Bending cable car station

Where formerly cable car stations were located in windy heights, skier and hiker nowadays expect a luxury ambience. Modern cable car station today are comfortable building that offer much more than just wind and weather protection. The lift stations of the Doppelmayr cablecars are known worldwide. Salzmann Formblechtechnik GmbH produces the sheet metal covers for cable car stations on a RAS GIGAbend folding machine.

GIGAbend bends laundry equipment

STAHL Wäschereimaschinenbau manufactures laundry equipment already in the fourth generation. Among the customers of STAHL there are hotels, hospitals, laundries, handicapped work-shops, tanning salons, commercial laundries and many others. STAHL uses the GIGAbend RAS 76.40 for panels as well as for structural components up to 5 mm mild steel thickness on 4060 mm working length.

Heart of the construction vehicles production

The production principle at Helgesen is networking. As a subcontractor, the company located in Hartford, Wisconsin (USA) is closely associated with its customers. This starts in the joint product design and goes through the flow preparation until delivery. Nate Marshall explains, "RAS GIGAbend is one of our core machines for the production of platforms on the right and left of Caterpillar's construction truck. We produce 15 of these platforms every day. All panel type and structural components are bent on the GIGAbend".